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    The newest and most advanced addition to Arena’s Carbon line of tech suits, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra SL Limited Edition USA Open Back Tech Suit Swimsuit improves upon the existing Carbon design to create a truly powerful performance suit in the water. Featuring a brand new Infinity-Loop inner construction and Carbon Ultra Cage outer construction, the technology in this suit is meant to optimize the swimmer’s performance in every aspect. Now available in a limited edition USA colorway!

    View PDF of the Arena Carbon Ultra – An in-depth look into the advanced features of Arena’s most powerful tech suit.

    FINA approved

    Limited Edition USA Carbon Ultra Open Back Tech Swimsuit

    Ultra Link System (Inner Layer)

    • Housed in the inner layer, this system is designed to optimize the athlete’s physiology by connecting key muscle groups and isolating upper and lower body movements.


    • A design based on a deep knowledge of the key muscle chains that help in keeping a streamlined body position.
    • Employs a continuous tape that anchors on the muscle chain in the upper body for extra support.
    • Links the ribs to the hips while still allowing freedom to rotate.
    • Connects to the gluteus maximum, keeping the hips high and helping to reduce body tilt in the water.


    • Delivers intelligent compression and anatomical support without limiting freedom of movement.
    • Strategically-placed tapes create a brace which keeps the lower body and core muscles firm and supported while still allowing the upper body to rotate freely.
    • This movement isolation increases athlete efficiency by allowing them to pivot mid-stroke with minimal additional rotation or loss of body position in the water.

    Ultra-Compression Panels:

    • Designed to work with the external Ultra-Cage fabric to deliver targeted area of additional compression on the inside of the suit, supporting key muscles and aligning them with the direction of movement.
    • The multi-layer panels streamline body shape, keeping it stable and high in the water, which in turn reduces drag and minimizes water resistance, particularly in areas normally prone to turbulence.

    Ultra-Cage Fabric (Outer Layer)

    • The Carbon-Ultra uses a new outer shell fabric, which delivers intelligent compression of the body, the hallmark of the carbon family of suits.
    • Contains three times more carbon than before, the fabric is woven more tightly so it can more accurately conform to the athlete’s shape–distributing pressure uniformly.
    • Helps the swimmer channel their energy more efficiently by reducing any nonessential effort and movement.


    • Women’s tech suit.
    • Open back design.
    • Short leg cut.
    • American flag graphic in center of chest.
    • Spliced USA colors on sides.
    • Intelligent muscle compression:
    • This protective grid regulates stretching and stiffens when the fabric reaches a critical stress level.
    • Increases support and control where needed.


    • 50% Polyamide / 47% Elastane / 3% Carbon Fiber.



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